Factors That Contribute to Making a Pathology Lab Perfect

Being an expert ISO 9001:2008 certified provider of pathology solutions, Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab always recommends all seekers of medical examination to settle for only the best pathology labs. While our path lab in Mayur Vihar is highly rated and recommended by everyone, not all pathology labs live up to the required standards. Hence, it is important to factor in some qualities when choosing a pathology lab before entrusting them with the responsibility of taking care of someone’s health.

Knowing What to Look For

Most patients from East Delhi, who come seeking for medical assistance, looking for the best pathology lab in East Delhi, do not know exactly what they are looking for. Thankfully for them, our professionals representing Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab give them the best treatment available. For your better understanding, here we would like to discuss what factors are necessary for a pathology lab to excel.

To get the best service, you need to be well-versed with the characteristics of a good pathology lab. Here they are:

  • Panel of qualified medical authorities and experts

Being labeled the best pathology lab in Mayur Vihar is not an easy accomplishment to achieve. Thankfully, the panel heading our labs consists of experienced professionals. Our panel includes highly rated medical professionals guided by veterans in the field with many years of experience.

Like ours, all pathology labs should have a crew of knowledgeable medical professionals. Be it a pathologist or a lab assistant, experience and knowledge coupled with dedication must be present in each member, regardless of his or her role. Our path lab in Delhi, boasts such adept personnel, carrying out all tasks like the conduction of tests, accurately preparing and presenting the reports, guiding the patients and doing whatever is expected of them with respect to our organization’s objectives.


  • Accessibility to cutting-edge facilities

Our high-tech equipments, devices along with our keenness towards technological advancement play a major role in making us the best pathology lab in Delhi. Our labs practice the following, like all labs looking to deliver quality service should:

  • The lab must have all the modern equipment necessary to conduct advanced tests and prepare reports with utmost accuracy. We give special attention to the preparation of reports, making sure there are no mistakes.
  • Our team has been trained to gain flawless knowledge to handle the machines used in our pathology lab in Delhi.
  • Our management team regularly informs the technicians regarding the standards we maintain at our pathology lab in Mayur Vihar, giving them regular sessions to keep them updated with the advancing technology.


  • Customer-Centric Service and Facilities

All our experts and workers, working at our pathology lab in East Delhi, regardless of their position, are instilled with the attitude of satisfying every need of our patients.

Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab prides itself in being one of the most highly rated labs of the country. It is our continual endeavor to meet the highest standards of service, giving priority to every patient seeking medical assistance. Every patient looking forward to avail accurate pathology evaluation should always seek such standards of performance.


Making the Process of Blood Testing Simpler for Every Patient

In this day and age any routine diagnostic test requires a blood sample. This has made facilities like our laboratory in Mayur Vihar, institutions of paramount importance. Although our laboratories are led by experts and the conduction of these blood testing processes is done by highly trained professionals, there always seems to be two major causes of patient anxiety:

1) The factor of physical pain, having to endure the prick of a needle stick.

2) The emotional factor, observing the process of blood withdrawal.

Often, the physical condition of the veins of the patients makes it hard for lab apprentices to draw blood. Either the veins are aching from IV therapy or damaged from recurrent venipunctures. We at Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab however, make sure that the process is conducted with utmost care and precision.

How Our Experts Carry out the Process
  • While conducting the procedure of venipuncture, our expert phlebotomists insert a needle through the skin into a vein of the patient. Only employing professionals with utmost experience, our laboratory in East Delhi is renowned for using the safest methods of conducting the process.
  • The next step is drawing out the exact amount of blood that is needed for the test to take place. The blood is withdrawn through needles into a special tube, both of which are sterilized and approved beforehand by the experts from our laboratory in Delhi. We at Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab ensure that utmost care is taken while using these devices, and maintaining their cleanliness is our primal priority.
  • The tubes are then sent to our laboratory in Mayur Vihar, where the sample blood is examined according to the requirements of the healthcare practitioner.
  • Quite often, our phlebotomist is clever enough to recognize a vein in the crook of a patient’s elbow, a vein with easy access. Our expert then puts a tourniquet directly above the located site in order to make the vein more apparent.
  • With professional training at our laboratory in Delhi, our phlebotomists don’t take more than 3 minutes to complete this procedure. We aim to make this process fast because we understand the agony our patients may feel during this process.
  • After completing the process, we ask our patients to apply mild pressure over a fresh dressing to assist the blood clot and avert swelling or a hematoma, more commonly perceived as a bruise.

Here are some of the main problems our experts working in our laboratory in East Delhi have discussed about when it comes to dealing with patients during such a process:

  • Patient constantly complaining about pain.
  • Patient suffering from dry skin.
  • Patients feeling sick right before the procedure, complaining about the possibility of him or her fainting.
  • The blood not flowing well

However, serving patients for 15 years, we have always overcome these problems, bringing a smile to every face. In fact, the foundation of Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab, an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, lies in our motto of ensuring patient safety and care when handling such a sensitive process. We treat our patients as gods making sure it’s never the other way around.

Opt for Digital X-Rays and Avail a Bundle of Benefits

We at Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab have been offering digital x-ray services to our patients for a number of years. Our experts, conducting digital Xray in Mayur Vihar, have pointed out that the highly accurate and thorough results that can be provided from digital x-rays have had a striking effect in assisting most health procedures.

What is a digital x-ray?

The conventional methods of conducting Xray in Mayur Vihar were effective but not as much as digital X-rays. A digital x-ray incorporates the use of radiographs, or pictures that are taken by using an electronic digital sensor as an alternative to the traditional photographic film.

Major advantages of digital X-Rays

The experts at Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab., after years of conducting digital Xray in East Delhi, have come to realize that the advantages that digital radiography or digital x-ray has over traditional film/screen are numerous. Some of them are:

  • Cost Efficiency – The preliminary cost of using digital systems to conduct an x-ray might seem more than traditional film or screen setups. But again, as an expert provider of xray in East Delhi we would like to point out that although the digital machines are perceived to be ‘high maintenance and costly’ ones, they last for a considerably longer period of time, and can be used over and over again.


The elimination of the need to constantly change the film and chemicals for the purpose of processing, or having to constantly repair the processor helps in saving a lot of money on maintenance making it overall a much more fruitful investment.


  • Reduction of the dose–The digital image receptors our experts use when conducting a digital xray in Delhi, are a lot more sensitive to reduced levels of radiation, when compared to the films or screens used in traditional X-ray equipments. Hence, there is lesser requirement of the quantity of radiation for successfully creating a diagnostic radiographic image. Of course, our experts use it the right way, the only way to ensure this reduced level.


  • Manipulation of the images after the process– Digital radiography offers images of high-resolution that can be overblown, magnified, zoomed into and manipulated after the process of x-ray is completed, to disclose further anatomical characteristics that were previously not caught in the original image set. The technicians at Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab. sincerely indulge in this process in order to deliver better results to our patients.


  • Scope for sharing – Imaging analyses can be effortlessly transferred and observed in a cloud like facility. They can also be transported to other doctors using a CD or a pen drive if required.

Ever since the Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab. an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, was founded in 2000, the use of advanced technology has always been encouraged by our experts. By doing so we aim to not only help our patients, but also contribute to the advancement of the state of medical equipment in our country by exceeding the expectations of our patients. Be it conducting xray in Delhi or doing lab tests, exploiting the benefits of modern technology should be the general attitude.

How Our Physical Therapy Can be a Boon for Cancer and Thyroid Patients

Once a patient undergoes cancer treatment, we know that it is unlike generic treatments and some additional therapies are required for the well-being of the patient. The experts at Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab recommend physical therapy for such patients and you can expect wonderful results at our physiotherapy centre in Mayur Vihar. Physical therapy might not be the initial treatment process that comes to mind because rightly, early cancer treatment is usually offered by radiologists and surgeons as consulting these healthcare practitioners is vital for the treatment and supervision of cancer. However, our experts say that early cancer patients and even thyroid patients should also consider physical therapy if anything is diagnosed following thyroid test in Mayur Vihar.

Physiotherapy for cancer patients

Our experts who conduct cancer screening in Mayur Vihar found out that physical therapy can alleviate some of these common cancer-related deficiencies or diseases –

CRF: Personalized aerobic exercise, strength exercise and practical managing training are a proven way to lessen effects of cancer-associated fatigue during and after treatment. The result obtained by our experts conducting physiotherapy in Mayur Vihar is a glaring example of the success of physiotherapy in treating cancer patients.

Pain: There are numerous pain respite tactics that can decrease the strength and incidence of pain following cancer treatment. We design therapeutic treatment plans according to the patient’s condition.

Lymphedema: Efficient lymphedema supervision is accomplished by our expert physiotherapists at our physiotherapy centre in Mayur Vihar. This is done via manual lymph drainage accompanied by a wide variety of motion workouts, aerobic workout, and lymphatic bandaging.

De-conditioning: Upgrading stamina for actions and cardiac function can be problematic all through and after the process of cancer treatment. Our physiotherapy in Mayur Vihar includes high-end cardiac stamina training.

Peripheral neuropathy: Frequently, cancer fighters have to go through peripheral neuropathy, which is uncharacteristic nerve function generally felt as pain, numbness, and prickling. Physical therapy can assist in improving nerve function or recompense for nerve based imbalance.

Genitourinary difficulties: Our experts conducting cancer screening in Mayur Vihar have found that for male patients getting treated for prostate cancer and female patients availing treatment for bladder and ovarian cancer, rakishness and sexual irregularities are common. Our physical therapists help to reconstruct the patients’ pelvic floor strength to advance urinary continence and decrease pain associated with sexual activity.

Physiotherapy helping Thyroid patients

Patients suffering from hypothyroidism have a tendency of being weak in their skeletal stabilizers.  It means the muscles that are positioned next to the skeleton are not functioning properly and consequently patient’s posture turns poor leading to pain. If you get any positive results following thyroid test in Mayur Vihar we can help you out through

  • Reducing the risk of falling by effective physical training, preventing serious injuries.
  • Reducing risk of constipation by physical treatment.
  • Encouraging increase of energy in your body.

Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab is dedicated to finding new and better ways to help patients. Our physical therapy practices are just another way of effectively serving you.