Advanced Health Check-up

Advance Health Check-up

Ideal for people with stressful life, chronic fatigue diabetes, joint pain and allergy

Any hard worker knows the perils of a stressful life. At our pathology lab in Mayur Vihar, we treat a lot of patients on a regular basis who first come in with complaints of chronic fatigue and stress. Detecting these symptoms early on is the best way to prevent the deadly diseases that may come after. Our advanced health profile check-up in Mayur Vihar is designed to ensure that people who suffer from tiredness, diabetes, chronic fatigue, joint pain and various forms of allergy can get to know the root causes of their problems at an early stage.

The health profile check-up in Mayur Vihar that Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab offers is advanced and wide-ranging. It investigates every feature of the average human body’s health to make sure that our patients get the best attention that they can get at an early stage.

To aid people in need of an all-encompassing health profile check-up in Mayur Vihar, our specialists have created an Advanced Health Check-Up package that includes key tests such as –

CBC with ESR

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate or SED rate test to help identify inflammation related to conditions such as viruses, autoimmune illnesses and various forms of cancer

Blood Group

Blood Sugar




LFT (Liver Function Test)

KFT (Kidney Function Test)

Lipid Profile

Thyroid Profile

Serum IgE

Absolute Eosinophil Count (AEC)

Serum Electrolyte

Total Protein Profile

Serum Iron Profile

Vitamin B12

Urine Complete

Chest X-rays

Your health is our primary concern. Make it your primary concern as well by signing up with us.

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Advanced Health Check-up​

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