Health Profile Routine

Health Check up

Ideal for people who are getting their health check up – First time

The health profile check-up in Mayur Vihar by Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab has helped a lot of people in the past and continues to help people in need of a general check-up of their body.

Experts at our pathology lab in Mayur Vihar have always recommended adults to get this check-up done. Since prevention is better than cure, we have made our health profile check-up in Mayur Vihar available for every adult regardless of whether he or she is suffering from a sickness or not. This ensures that a large number of people can get inclined to regularly know about their health condition. Once our routine check-up is concluded, we make sure that all efforts needed to maintain the health are continued.

Our health profile check-up in Mayur Vihar consists of various tests, including –
CBC with ESR

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate or SED rate test to help identify inflammation related to conditions such as viruses, autoimmune illnesses and various forms of cancer

Blood Group

Blood Sugar





Uric Acid

Total Cholesterol


Blood Test for any form of Liver Damage


Liver Damage Test


Urine Complete

Chest X-ray

Help yourself or a loved one by getting a health profile routine check from Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab. It is ideal for first-time patients and is now being made available by our experts at a discounted rate already mentioned.

Our Other Health Profile Packages

Health Check-up

  • Ideal for people who are getting their health check up – First time

Offer: Rs. 1500 /-

  • Actual Price: Rs 3250 /-

Immunity Profiles

  • Ideal for people with fatigue and life style disorders

Offer: Rs. 4000/-

  • Actual Price: Rs 6000 /-

Woman Health Profiles

  • Stressful life, chronic fatigue diabetes, joint pain and allergy

Offer: Rs. 3000 /-

  • Actual Price: Rs. 4000 /-