Ultimate Health Check-up

Ultimate Health Check-up

Ideal for people with fatigue and life style disorders

Do you find yourself suffering from fatigue and tiredness on a consistent basis? Or do you have a friend or a family member who suffers from lifestyle disorders? Even though these may not seem important at face value, these symptoms could result in a bigger disease in the future. Experts at our pathology lab in Mayur Vihar have always recommended adults to get an ultimate health check-up. The health profile check-up in Mayur Vihar that we provide at Tomar Foundation Pathology Lab is all encompassing. It studies every aspect of the human health to make sure that deadly diseases or conditions are detected early on so that they do not become an incurable problem in the future.

To help people in need of a full-on health profile check-up in Mayur Vihar, our experts have devised a test package that includes key tests such as –

CBC with ESR

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate or SED rate test to help identify inflammation related to conditions such as viruses, autoimmune illnesses and various forms of cancer

Blood Group

Blood Sugar





Uric Acid

Vitamin D3


Blood Test for any form of Liver Damage


Liver Damage Test


Lipid Profile

Urine Complete




Chest X-ray

We take the health of our patients very seriously. We urge you to do the same and sign up with us for an ultimate check-up.

Our Other Health Profile Packages

Health Profile Routine​

  • Ideal for people who are getting their health check up – First time

Offer: Rs. 1250 /-

  • Actual Price: Rs 2100 /-

Ultimate Health Check-up

  • Ideal for people with fatigue and life style disorders

Offer: Rs. 2800/-

  • Actual Price: Rs 4700 /-

Advanced Health Check-up​

  • Stressful life, chronic fatigue diabetes, joint pain and allergy

Offer: Rs. 3500 /-

  • Actual Price: Rs. 7500 /-