Radiology is the branch of medicine that uses medical imaging to diagnose and treat diseases within the body. At our diagnostic centre we use highly advanced digital radiography technique to do digital X-rays.

Digital radiography is a form of radiography that uses Xray sensitive plates to directly capture data and immediately transfer it to a computer system .Advantages of using Digital imaging over conventional techniques are –

 * Better Image Quality:

Higher resolution of image quality allows for better detection of disease, higher sensitivity and specificity in reporting. It is also possible to do morphometry.

* Time saving and patient experience:

The patient experience is enhanced as the images are available directly on the computer screens and it helps the provider in educating the patients with images displayed on the computer screen. Also retakes if needed can be taken instantly.

* Patient safety

Sensor detector sensitivity to radiation requires less exposure time and therefore less radiation to patients.

* Environment friendly

Better ambience with use of environment friendly radiographic supplies are a major benefit. Use of hazardous waste materials like with lead and silver salts is minimal.

* It is very easy to store images of digital X-rays and review them in case second opinion is required.

Significance of radiology:

The significance of radiology is high as it helps in the diagnosis of many serious conditions such as cancer. With the help of radiology, early diagnosis can be made and treatment is started at the earliest. Without diagnostic imaging, it will be extremely difficult for doctors to manage patients with serious illnesses.

Digital X rays form the corner stone of diagnostic tests and are very essential to diagnose and treat various ailments. They are the mainstay of diagnosis in cases of injuries for diagnosis and management of fractures. Bone tumors, both primary and secondary to malignancies elsewhere (metastasis) are diagnosed using this procedure. Xrays are also vital in tuberculosis screening, diagnosis and management Digital X-rays are an essential and important diagnostic test of cancer screening program.

The results of the imaging exams are also studied by family doctors and other physicians to interpret the results for the patient and decide the course of treatment for them. Radiological examination reports help the doctor to make the diagnosis and decide on the treatment plan.

TFPL provides digital X-rays at affordable rates. Reporting is done by highly skilled and experienced radiologists in minimal turnaround time. We stand committed to quality, accuracy and precision in our image reporting and diagnosis.